John Bumgardner — Austin, Texas

Text Box: Digital journalist >>>  Visionary —  Story teller 
Text Box: John's latest venture is a new PR firm, "In my role booking guests for television news programs, I helped coach both PR reps and their clients. I created a system to communicate with guests and their representation. With my knowledge my I decided to create Mint Public Relations," Bumgardner said. "Recently, I took on a position as Assignment Manager at KTNV, the ABC affiliate in Las Vegas, NV. It was a breaking news, fast-paced, do a lot with little resources market. I directly managed the web and desk staff as well as served on the newsroom management team. I was also responsible for maintaining chopper/pilot hours, fuel costs and adhering to maintenance schedule outside of sweeps."
Text Box: Text Box: John Bumgardner has over 15-years of experience in TV newsrooms as well as tech-sector industries. His on-the-job experience has molded him into a personable-leader in multiple supervisory roles and with Public Relations professionals. Those years of experience have translated to relationships across the country and over many industries.

In his supervisor role at LibreDigital he grew as a leader and mentor to colleagues and employees both locally and overseas.

Bumgardner writtes news copy on the web and for on-air use including, breaking news, movie & music reviews/entertainment as well as editing web video segments and writing crime stories, gathered from court affidavits. 
“I love telling people’s stories. Whether it be for a journalism piece or by helping clients for my PR firm find their voice. In the end helping each other out is an honor we can bestow on strangers but the reward is friendship and a stronger community,” Bumgardner said.
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